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Easy Pickups and Drop off optimization

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 27, 2019 6:12:58 AM / by varshine


Geoconcept Optimization API has a feature that allows you to choose your start point and the end point.

With this API, the delivery, transportation and logistics services get an optimized route. The other key feature which makes Geoconcept API unique is the prohibit transit zone where you can avoid certain areas in the route and generate a new optimized route.

See it in action

In the Demo below, you can choose the start point, end point and also the prohibit transit zone if you wish.



It helps you to find out the total distance and also the duration of the route and when a prohibit transit zone is applied, you can find out the distance and duration of the zone.


Interesting, right ? Check out the demo and feel free to say hi to our sales team to learn more about how we can help you with your optimization needs.


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