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Geoconcept equips Dalkia, the French leading company in Energy Services

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 23, 2017 8:49:39 AM / by Amandine Pham

A subsidiary of the French electric utility company, EDF (mostly owned by the French state): Dalkia, leading company providing services in the Energy field, has chosen Geoconcept solution for optimizing schedules, Opti-time. Thanks to this tool, Dalkia aims to improve the field intervention of its technical team in France.

What does this company exactly do?

Dalkia offers customers expertise in developing, building and managing innovative, greener, more cost-effective energy solutions to enable the sustainable growth of cities and companies. Energy efficiency is its expertise.


From decentralized production to demand management and optimal distribution, Dalkia helps forge every link of the energy chain to enhance the performance of energy systems.

With close to 80 years' experience in managing heating and cooling networks, optimizing industrial utilities, enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings and promoting alternative and renewable energy sources, we offer our customers tailored solutions to reduce their energy consumption and boost the environmental and economic performance of their facilities.


How Geoconcept will help them achieving their goal?

GEOCONCEPT, designer of technologies for geographic optimization for professionals, will help Dalkia in the management of its technicians’ schedule. The EDF subsidiary has currently more than 3,000 technicians working everyday on the field. Dalkia has a precise goal in mind regarding the use of this geo-optimisation and scheduling software, Opti-time: “We want to better anticipate our activity and the use of our availabilities”

Opti-time screenshot - Dalkia.png

Indeed, the full web solution Opti-time will allow them to manage all their appointments, customer services and even all their delivery schedules. From booking appointments to optimizing movements on the field via a selection of business constraints, Opti-Time provides mobility decision-makers and operational staff with a comprehensive and customised solution for pinpoint, relevant, rapid and lower cost calls.

In the logistic field, companies that are looking for a solution to optimize their rounds itineraries, Geoconcept has another reliable product for them: TourSolver.


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