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Geoconcept Territory Manager 2.0 -The Cloud Solution To Evenly Distribute Activity, Teams And Resources

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 2, 2018 6:19:20 AM / by varshine

Geoconcept announces the new version of its Geoconcept Territory Manager solution. Accessible, simple, fast and efficient, GTM is the reference web solution to distribute geographically and equitably the activity, the teams and the resources. 

Geoconcept, leader for more than 27 years in geoptimization, recently announced the launch of Geoconcept Territory Manager 2.0, the new cloud solution to distribute equitably the activity, the teams and the resources. In 3 quick and easy steps, business leaders, planners and decision makers are able to define powerful omni-channel strategies based on balanced business objectives, optimal market coverage and improved field team productivity.

Managing the sales force activity, the peaks of activities that impact the workload of the technicians and the delivery drivers who travel far distances are essential. To do this, cutting out the territory or optimizing an existing sectorization makes it possible to  maximize the profitability of interventions of commercial and logistical operations. This is what allows Geoconcept Territory Manager 2.0

The Geoconcept Territory solution, 100% cloud, has been designed for intuitive use and provides all user profiles fast control. They are guided step by step throughout the sectorization process. Thanks to the flexibility and the editing capabilities of the solution, the user can manually recompose sectors based on his field knowledge and thus manage the activities based on the needs of his clients. Thanks to powerful optimization algorithms, the solution automatically generates the most optimal sectorization by combining geographic compactness and business statistics (balanced revenue potential, fair workload, etc.).

Among the main novelties of this version 2.0 we can mention the automatic geocoding of points as well as improved ergonomics with an in-depth interface for a more intuitive navigation, new export possibilities and a combination of easy import fields ( mapping). 

Geoconcept Territory Manager brings together all the advantages of the cloud in a strategic solution to build balanced, realistic and profitable sectors in just 3 steps: 

Representing your organization:
To visualize the existing geographic distribution of the activity, teams and resources (customers, regional agencies, points of sale, depots, zones of assignment ...) by simply dragging and dropping a file or directly from a source stored locally or in the cloud. A friendly wizard then makes it easy to match the columns contained in the imported file with the fields managed by the application. During this step, the user defines the indicators on which he wishes to find his organization (the potential, the workload, the number of customers ...). 

Understand your organization:
To identify the imbalances and dysfunctions that threaten the achievement of objectives: sectors too large geographically, potential not fair, customers not covered. Imported and geocoded data is rendered on a map and in tabular form. The user clearly visualizes his current organization. 

Optimize your organization
To automatically balance the sectors (workload, quantities to deliver, potential turnover ...), adapt the objectives and anticipate the changes to define the optimal distribution of activity and resources. When the user is satisfied with the sectorization obtained or wants to rework it later, he can save the results in the format of his choice (Excel, CSV or Google Drive). The file can thus be shared simply to another user. 

Thanks to the user-friendliness of the wizards and the intuitive tools, Geoconcept Territory Manager significantly reduces the time require to prepare a sectorization. It facilitates the consultation and editing of data and adapts to the needs of the user.

On the occasion of the launch of this new version, GEOCONCEPT renames its sectorization solutions and now offers a complete range with Territory Manager for Geoconcept (desktop solution), Geoconcept Territory Manager (SaaS solution) and Territory Management functionalities integrated directly into the core of its flagship business solutions (TourSolver, Opti-Time and Opti-Time for Salesforce). 



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