Overall, our range of studies breakdown the process into a top-down approach, a stairway to retail expansion success; From evaluating the market size down to knowing exactly where to open each store or where to sell which products.

Our databases can be sold separately either as a stand-alone product or use as part of our studies.


The stand-alone product provides the clients with two options:



Standard databases

Geoconcept works with the best providers on a given market, some of them are global, some others are local. Geoconcept has very high standards when evaluating data vendors and guarantee the quality of the data provided.

  • Geographic data (points of interests)
  • 6-digit postcode boundaries
  • Administrative boundaries
  • Facial recognition data
  • Demography data
  • User generated content
  • Property price


Data demo

Value Added databases

Geoconcept provides customized modifications to the raw data. The added value database can turn clients’ data into comprehensive BI reports about the characteristics of consumers, sites or retail locations.

  • Grid Distribution
    • Total shopping population
    • Night-time population
    • Daytime population

The grid distribution is created from distributing the demographic data at the county or district level to a smaller scale using POI / Road / Landuse, generally onto a 1km2 grid.

  • Intensity Heat Map
    • Retailing/shopping heat map
    • Business/working heat map
    • Residential heat map
    • Accessibility heat map

We provide heat maps which are two-dimensional representation of data in which values are represented by colors. A simple heat map provides an immediate visual summary of information. More elaborate heat maps allow the viewer to understand complex data sets.
An optimal visual representation of the data which plays an important role in quickly identifying areas in a city that clients might be interested in.