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Discover how much more you can get with your route optimization in the cloud. Now you can test it for free!

TourSolver, your route optimization software, now comes as a full cloud solution!

7 good reasons to adopt TourSolver : 
  • Mobile App for Field Force
  • Activity tracking and real-time geolocation
  • No installation needed & automatic updates
  • Immediate ease of use and integrated help
  • Easily set up the interface according to your business
  • Centralized platform and guaranteed data security
  • Self-diagnosis and evaluation of potential efficiency gains



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The agenda : exclusive presentation of TourSolver and its mobile app!

  • 4-stages optimization,

  • Intuitive interface with online help,

  • Advanced management of business constraints (resources, visits and deposits)

  • Routes display (map, planning, Gantt),

  • Manual modification of the routes after the optimization,

  • Send the visits to be performed to the mobile app,

  • Display and follow-up of the visits & real-time monitoring of the activity,

  • Evaluation of potential efficiency gains,

  • Large geographical coverage (more than 160 countries).



The mobile app is available to all TourSolver users at no additional cost. You can download it on Google Play and install it on your Android device for free : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geoconcept.TSMobile