How to get the most value from your existing customer data?

Gain in precision and autonomy using GeoData to drive your market expansion forecast

31st May


1:30 pm (GMT+8)





Fast Moving Consumer Good Companies have been leveraging Business Intelligence for decades to help them understand the drivers to boost revenue growth. Business Intelligence has evolved to accommodate the rapidly changing global and digital landscape, but one aspect that is often overlooked is geography.


As the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments, geography plays an integral role in the way consumers behave. It is a critical element in business strategy and, when leveraged effectively, can also translate into profits.


  What you will learn:

  • How data can be modeled based on your business
  • Create your Go-To-Market Strategy based on geodata
  • Increase your market coverage by 20%


4 good reasons to use GeoData:

  • Simple: Gives immediate market insights
  • Accurate: Provides market trends from grid levels marked out on a limited territory
  • Custom: Offers the possibility to create your own dataset depending on your business
  • Agile: Enables to take immediate actions based on the location and insights extracted


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